There are still few of them in the world. I believe I’ll find one for me!

Everything will be perfect that day.

A floor-length gown is on me. Long, twinkly dress fits my beautiful body. I put some cream with glitter on my shoulders and décolleté to make my skin shinier. But look at it – it is soft, clean and velvet.

My hairs are pure brilliant! They are long as I always wanted, and my hairstyle perfectly suits me. The hair is in Hollywood Wave style – timeless classics. I will not use tons of hair sprays and other styling things – no, my hair will move vividly and make everyone looks at me while I’m dancing with the most handsome man. Probably he is the prince.

My makeup is very light, just accents my natural beauty. Some mascara , powder and lipstick – I want to look sweet and fresh.

Everyone will remember how beautiful I was on that ball. My natural beauty will be poetized by a lot of men who fell in love with me…

Does it seem familiar? Have you ever heard such dreams inside of your head?

As modern women, we live in a crazy world of musts and oughts. Through the day, we disperse our attention to a million different things, and in a rush, they all could be seen important.  We are glad to take care of everyone else – of our children, our beloved partners, our parents who’re getting older, our pets and each cat in the yard.

That is how we prioritize. An airplanes mantra “If you are traveling with small children, make sure that you secure your own mask first before helping your children with theirs”  means nothing on the ground.

We make necessary steps for take care of our beauty. We buy goods cosmetics and let it stay on our dressing-tables for months waiting for the chance to go to the ball. We prioritize to save money on ourselves everyday with one purpose – to be ready for a special occasion. We prefer to save cosmetics in order to use a lot of it right before one special occasion. We chose to look Ok everyday in order to look gorgeous on a one special occasion.

We hallucinate that we could remove months of disregard on ourselves with few bottles of cosmetics right before one special occasion.

You know what is the worth in this situation? The worth is that this behavior is totally accepted by the society. A woman in a rush fully forgot her deep wisdom. This woman is a sitting duck for the hunters – for marketing campaigns. This woman are taught to love everyone else, but herself after all the others. If she has time. if it is accepted.  If a special occasion comes.

Today is your special occasion. Every day, Beauty! Do not hesitate to be totally prepared.

with honey and hug,


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